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NO TEETH Drops Mischievous VIDEO Anthem "A Horse Named Panty Raid" Ahead of Debut Album Release

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May 17, 2024By Reprobate Media
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The anticipation surrounding the long-awaited debut of No Teeth intensifies as the syndicate unveils their unexpected and fiercely confrontational new single, "A Horse Named Panty Raid." The track serves as a powerful precursor to the forthcoming album, "Decadence In Breeding," offering a raw and unapologetic glimpse into themes of excess, gambling, and the harsh realities of loss.

With its thunderous bass-line, dissonant guitars, and haunting synthesizers, "A Horse Named Panty Raid" encapsulates the signature abrasive yet captivating sound that defines No Teeth's musical ethos.

Scheduled for release on all major streaming platforms on May 10th, the track will also be available as a limited edition cassette exclusively on Bandcamp. Additionally, fans can expect exclusive sonic offerings upon purchase of the single, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the release.

In a statement from the syndicate, they reflect on the essence of the track: “Have you ever fallen victim to the tendrils of misfortune? Willed without knowledge to push out into the darkness, searching for that sense of danger, yet to be discovered in our mundane lives. We, the dullards without doubt, have placed our fortunes on the line of a weak-minded individual; a large flat-footed mammal with brown hair and the ability to move at “the speed of wheel” and because of this, we have been forced to pay the never-ending price. Loss of dignity.”

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From tales of gambling and sexual deviance to themes of murder and gluttony, “Decadence In Breeding” is a world of dark satire and unbridled expression. Exploring themes of debauchery, hedonism, and depravity, each track unveils a twisted narrative featuring characters steeped in moral ambiguity.

Since their inception, No Teeth has cultivated a devoted fan base in the North East and expanded their presence through successful UK tours in 2022 and 2023, as well as a memorable performance in Paris last summer. Plans are underway for a release show in Newcastle to celebrate the album’s launch, with additional tour dates beyond the North East slated to promote the record further.

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