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DOCTOR VELVET Drops New Single "Road to Nowhere" Featuring Tito Ramirez

Jun 22, 2024By Reprobate Media
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Amsterdam, June 21, 2024 – Amsterdam’s hottest rhythm 'n blues band, Doctor Velvet, has teamed up with the legendary Tito Ramirez for their latest single from the forthcoming debut album, "New Breed." Known as the 'Prince of Spanish Soul,' 'The Kink of Mambo,' and the 'Ambassador of Boogaloo,' Tito Ramirez brings his unique flair to this exciting release, resulting in two versions of a tropical rock 'n roll banger perfect for those hot summer nights.

The original track, "Road To Nowhere," penned by Doctor Velvet, is tailor-made for that last chance to dance in a hazy nightclub. On the flip side, Tito Ramirez transforms the song into "Camino Hacia Ningún Lugar," delivering a Latin twist with Spanish lyrics and a different mix that adds extra "sabor."

Warning: Both sides are so steaming hot, the vinyl is about to melt directly onto your turntable!

This sizzling release is limited to just 400 copies on black vinyl. Don’t miss your chance to own this unique collaboration that promises to be the soundtrack of the summer party.

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